Awakening Serum


It is nearly impossible to open an Allure or Vogue Magazine without seeing an article or  advertisement praising the power of products containing Retinol. Touted as “the secret to  repairing sun damage” by every doctor, esthetician, and even Oprah herself, this ingredient has  been doing wonders for my clients’ skin. I chose to formulate my Awakening Serum with a base  of purified seaweed and micro-encapsulated Retinol. It is then blended in L-Carnitine to  increase elasticity and SkinFirm Dipeptide, a patented ingredient that improves structural  integrity and fosters epidermal nourishment. Clinical studies have shown a reduction in  appearance of wrinkles and improved skin tone and firmness, making it a definitive answer to  reversing sun damage. In addition we now added Turmeric to reduce any inflammation. The aroma of Jasmine flowers entices the senses, creating an aphrodisiac and sleep inducing scent.

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