Synergy Mist

The vitamin packed, hydrating Synergy Mist is the key to the integrated system. Vita- mins C, and E, Green Tea, along with collagen enhancers, omegas, sodium hylauronate and pure Organic Rose and Organic Lavender waters, combine to create an unparalleled infusion of moisture. The addition of purified seaweed, which most closely resembles our own skin’s DNA, allows the mist’s nutrients to permeate the skin more easily for enhanced benefits.

Whether used over serums and actives, or sprayed onto clean skin, the Synergy Mist provides the skin with much needed nutrients and moisture at the cellular level. After only a few uses, you’ll soon find your skin has that gorgeous “dewy” look and feel, day and night.

Recommended Use

Remember to shake well before each use to make sure all ingredients are emulsified as the Goddess does not use any chemical emulsifiers or preservatives. In order to harvest the full energy of the Goddess, the mist is created only on the New and Full Moons, while enhanced by the healing mantras of Tibet.


Distilled Water, Organic Rose Water,Organic Lavender Water, Soduim Hylauronate, Purified Seaweed, Eco-Certified Green Tea, Sodium PCA, Pro-Vitamin B5, Silk Protein, Omegas, Aloe Concentrate, Organic Rose Greanium Essential Oil, Organic Rose Absolute, Organic English Lavender, Polysorbate 20, Benzylalcohol-DHA (Eco-Certi- fied Preservative System)