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The Goddess of Skin’s products are blended with the highest quality essential oils, and all-natural butters. If you have any questions about your skin type, suggested products, and tips on caring for your skin, just send us an email.

 Your complete satisfaction is our only priority. – Dayle Breault

Dayle Breault


I love to talk skin, to educate, to advise, to teach, to spread my knowledge and ignite a glow … the “Goddess Glow.” Read more.

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All of our products are non-toxic, and won’t harm the environment. The Earth is the greatest gift we share, and that’s why Goddess of Skin is committed to making sure all our manufacturing is sustainable and eco-friendly.


Our essential oils, butters, and other ingredients are chosen from the highest quality sources we can find. We make no sacrifices when it comes to making sure the best ingredients are put into our products.


Natural products are easier for our human biology to absorb, which is why we look for minimal processing, and organic sources whenever possible. The end result is a line of products that everyone can use.