About Dayle Breault

Dayle Breault | Goddess of Skin
I love to talk skin care, to educate, to advise on anti-aging treatments, to teach, to spread my knowledge and ignite a glow … the “Goddess Glow.”

I am a certified “Skin Geek” and have lived, breathed, and cared for my client’s skin for almost thirty years as an Esthetician. My philosophy goes beyond skin deep; I believe we need to have a greater appreciation for our skin, more of a spiritual connection. Seven is a number I spiritually connect with and I use multiples of this number to instill blessings when treating my clients and creating each of my products you can use at home.

My skin care practice evolved into a product line after years of research, and creating and testing natural ingredient combinations. What was once a dream is a now a reality: the Goddess of Skin line combines rich, yummy, natural butters, essential oils and cosmeceuticals together to create skin care products which not only protect our bodies from damaging chemicals, but our environment as well. And each small-crafted batch is infused with a healthy dose of the Truth. A little history on how I discovered the truth.

Around the conception of the product line, I was exposed to a study by the Japanese researcher, Masaru Emota, whom claimed that the human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He demonstrated this by playing classical music to one glass of water and heavy metal to another. He then spoke lovingly to one glass of water, and hateful to another. He then froze the glasses of water and then examined the water under a microscope. The water which received heavy metal and hate had very sharp and angry looking crystals, while the other, which had received classical music and loving words, had soft crystals.

I took this experience to heart and began guiding my clients through mediation, thoughtful actions, and healing chants while caring for their skin. This evolved into reciting healing Tibetan Mantras while making Goddess products, imbuing the ancient energies of these incredibly powerful words. Voila, in a blind study, customers reported a difference. They felt the “chi” in the products so I took this one step further.

I was born on a New Moon and have always been drawn to the cycles of the moon. I believe the alignment of powerful energies, and the reciting of blessings, blended with the most naturally potent ingredients, are what give my clients a true sense of their beauty. Follow my guidance and glow.

Too much? … Well, I am an Esthetician with many years of research so I also started my product line with a deep intention to change your skin. After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

The Goddess of Skin line is comprised of a base of three proprietary blended organic oils. These oils have a very small molecular structure, so they penetrate deeply and are not comedogenic. In this base, I have added many different cosmeceuticals that will support, nourish, and feed the skin. My ingredients are Cruelty Free and sustainable. Join me on a journey and prepare to connect with yourself beginning with your skin.

Share your experience with me and I will try to answer all emails directly or via my Facebook page.