Natural Skin toner by Goddes of Skin

Skin Toner and the Power of PH Balance

Everyone knows skin toner is the first step on a healthy path to keeping your skin tone at a neutral PH balance, right? …Well, maybe not. The joyful byproduct of being an esthetician for more than thirty years is that I am a teacher first for my clients and can share why skin toner is so important. But if you don’t see me in Los Angeles or New York, trust me when I say maintaining a neutral PH balance is imperative to your skin’s health. What does this even mean?

Normal or “neutral” PH balance is 7-7.5 and using a natural skin toner helps you maintain a healthy balance. Rachel Nazarian, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York further explains the benefits of maintaining a neutral PH balance but the most important benefit: Clearer skin which means a reduction of acne and breakouts.

Additionally when the skin is at a normal PH level your face creams and serums are absorbed better by the skin, helping you maintain a healthy skincare regime.

The types of toner you use are as important as when you use a skin toner. The Goddess of Skin Radiant Toner and Skin Pads are a natural product and safe to use every time you wash your face, or after a workout. We created toner wipes that offer an on-the-go solution, and then I always have a mister in my purse for a quick hydration fix, a cream and then always a layer of protection.

By eliminating the sweat and bacteria quickly, you reduce the chance of the sebum settling into pores and leading to blackheads. This is especially important since we go from different temperatures, air quality, and activities throughout the day. Once the sebum cools, it solidifies which leads to blackheads.

Now you get to choose your toner. Make sure you are not using a heavy alcohol based product as this can strip the skin. A Chamomile and licorice root toner helps brighten the skin. Check ingredients and post a question to me on Facebook about your skin to help decide on the best approach for your daily skincare routine.

If you have a favorite toner or question please share with me and learn more about the Goddess of Skin toner here.