Summer Skin Survival Advice

Summer Skin Survival Advice

Memorial Day weekend is here and that means it’s time to weatherproof your skin as Summer is right around the corner. It is a time to shift gears in the way we treat our complexions. A little bit of work, and you can be clear, protected and GLOWING all summer long.

Before we talk about summer skin and “safe sun” practice, I would like to address the issue I find most challenging. Being that I work on two coasts, I have experience with how weather effects our skin. Climate effects complexion and it’s time to understand your weather and how you need to adjust during each season.

Congestion in the pores is just as bad as the congestion in the streets for my New York City clients …and if you live in a humid climate you’re facing this skin care consideration as well. Sweat gets trapped in our pores and the perspiration from the summer heat will contribute to the level of blocked pores. This is the #1 culprit for skin breaking out during the summer. The frequency of stepping in and out of air conditioning is like adding layers of blockage in your pores. You see, the sebum that collects in our pores after a workout or a hot steamy day of walking around the city, solidifies when it is cooled. Just like the fat in a frying pan after frying bacon solidifies, so the the sebum in our pores once we cool down or enter an air conditioned building. This happens within 15 minutes after a work out session so it’s imperative to remove the salty film and sweat from your face.

If you can’t shower and wash your face after a workout use a medicated pad or my Radiant Skin Pads to keep your skin clean. This will help reduce breakouts. Have you ever noticed you breakout in areas where there is more sweating during the summer months? Now, I am not going to preach too much about the dangers of the sun. It is incredibly scary to read what is going on with our atmosphere, and I think we all know that the sun we currently have, is much stronger than the sun of years past. And now because of the ozone layer being depleted, we are facing the dangers of Infrared Rays as well as UVA and UVB.

Please be sure to apply a shot glass size of a sunscreen high in Zinc Dioxide and even better one that contains mega doses of anti-oxidants. These little gems actually chew up the free radicals caused by the sun and the pollution we are facing everyday. And read the label and do not be fooled by these 50-100 SPF’s for sunscreen. You need to re-apply every two hours and more frequently if swimming.

Use my “Let the World ‘C’ You” Serum under your sunscreen to amp up the protection …it even has a lightening effect on the complexion. And do not forget to wear a wide brimmed hat when out for extended periods of time. Washing your face before bed is also very important, the levels of pollution in our atmosphere are the worst chemicals you can leave on your skin overnight.

Let the World ‘C’ You

Keep your summer skin clear by keeping it clean, and keep your skin healthy by eating right, staying hydrated, and always be protected from the sun.