Our biggest supporters are people who use our products every day

“Everyone should know about your products, they are a God send, they have cured my skin.”

Cara Delevigne, Supermodel, Activist & Instagram Sensation

“The Goddess of Skin’s Products are just what my skin need to stay clear, healthy and vibrant. I love the Bonafide Scrub, it makes my face feel cool, refreshed, and polished. Dayle Breault is a genius with skin!!!”

Lenny Kravitz, Musician & Interior Designer

“I am a complete fan of the Goddess’ no-surgery approach in regard to her treatments, and her products leave my skin feeling hydrated, supported and nourished. I especially love the Truthful Serum, which smells divine and leaves my skin completely fed.”

Marisa Tomei, Academy Award Winning Actress

“I cannot begin to express my love for the Dayle Breault. She has helped heal my skin in a ways that I never thought possible. I am completely addicted to her divinely delicious Profound Cleanser, that has become my daily cleanse. Her Truthful Serum keeps my face dewy, bright, and nourished. And her Radiant Skin Pads are perfect for on -the-go GLOW. Thank you Goddess!”

Zoe Kravitz, Actress & Singer

“Dayle Breault’s gifts cannot be measured. From her technique, to her products … She is the best kept secret in the beauty world. That said – my only worry now will be getting an appointment.”

Maggie Q, Star of “Nikita” & PETA Activist

“A luxury I must afford!!!!”

Sarah Bell, Yoga Works Teacher

“With countless of products on the market, it is challenging to sort through them and find ones that are true to their promise’s. Dayle’s new and incredible line of skin care is as authentic and genuine as she is. Trusted in not only the purest of ingredients but in their results as well, The Goddess of Skin product line is the only one I will use!”

Carre Otis-Sutton, Supermodel & Humanitarian

“I believe that mindfulness is the key to inspiration (and life, for that matter), and I like to begin each day with a focus on this. Every morning, as I go through the time-honored ritual of cleansing my face and applying the nearly half-dozen of the Goddess’ subsequent products, I take my time, enjoying each little swirl-from scrub to serum, as it takes place in the present moment. I envision the mindfulness that Dayle practiced as she created them,  and feel it transfer to me as I carry out their intended purpose. Infused with both moisture and mindfulness., I feel ready to take on the day. We are only ever alive in the present moment, and by beginning my morning routine in a away that facilitates such estate of mind, I feel ready to take on the day.

Her handmade and, might I add, MIRACULOUS products have helped my super-sensitive skin at a time when it seemed nothing could. I am now the proud owner of the Goddess Glow!!!”

Kristen Lamontagne, Sales Associate – Collectors Department at Nordstrom

“I have been a disciple of the Goddess of Skin for over a decade and my skin glows! I am thrilled with her product line, it is truly unique and has amazing results. The Truthful Serum and Heartfelt Emulsion are my favorites, they are protective and luxurious layers that nurture the skin with each application.”

Sarah Douglis, VP Creative Affairs and Operations – EcoMedia (CBS Corporation)

“I have struggled with acne since high school and have tried absolutely every product to try to clear up my skin.

I feel so fortunate to have met Dayle, who has put her heart and soul into creating an amazing skincare line using the purest, organic ingredients in the world.

From the moment I applied the Profound Cleanser I could feel it working effectively, and at the same time it soothed my sensitive skin. Followed by the Bonafide Scrub, which contains peppermint essential oil. It gave me an instant invigorating feeling and totally woke up my senses!

My absolute favorite is the Truthful Serum. My skin felt smooth, dewy and plumped, and looked brighter instantly.

And last but not least, the Synergy Mist. As i applied this unbelievably hydrating product, I said to myself, ‘this is it, let the healing begin.’ Three months in, I am now acne free and have an amazing glow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My skin is happy, and so am I. And I owe it all to the one and only, Goddess of Skin!”

Rosi Alarcon, CMT

“I have been a serious skin care devotee since my early 20’s. That was 40 years ago. In that time, I have tried a lot of products. Nothing comes close to Dayle’s Truthful Serum, a concoction so potently hydrating and protecting that my skin looks perpetually misted.
Dayle makes a full line of seriously effective emulsions, cleansers, misters and so on, and she makes them all herself, with pure botanical ingredients, offering them at a price that gives new meaning to value for dollar.
I’m in for the long run.”

Sandy Mastromonaco

“I just opened the box of products I ordered and after one day of the Truthful Serum, I look and feel ten years younger. I’ve been trying so many different facialists and products since moving away from LA, and nothing, nobody has come close to the way my skin looks after just one day of Truthful Serum.  I especially love the smell, which transports me back to your table!”

Maria Semple, Author of “This One is Mine”

“Dayle is a true master of skin. I feel so fortunate to be her client. Since my teens I have struggled with acne and other skin problems. I have tried almost everything including a range of treatments from several talented estheticians, however I can say that my skin has never been better then after a treatment from Dayle. It literally glowed for weeks. Dayle is not only a talented esthetician, but she has also created an amazing line skincare products. I still can’t believe that her products are all natural because they are so effective. I have been waiting my whole life for all natural, non-toxic products that work as well as the clinically proven lines with harsh chemicals. Once you have treatment from her or try her products you will discover there is magic in her work. She truly is a Goddess of Skin who is able to harness the healing powers of nature.”

Jody Kemmerer