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"Dayle Breault is a genius with skin. I use her Bonafide Scrub, Profound Cleanser, and Heartfelt Emulsion Day moisturizer." – Lenny Kravits

After a microdermabrasion at the Goddess of Skin in Westwood, just-polished pores are swathed in live, frozen bovine cells taken from the amniotic fluid of pregnant cows. The process, called "DNA live skincell reprogramming," is based on Nobel Prize-winning research that found that old cells could be rejuvinated with a simple infusion of new ones. "It teaches the skin to act young again," says Dayle Breault, aka the Goddess. Think of it as an all-over Botox injection.

Star and singer Zöe Kravitz's essentials include products to give her the Goddess Glow: "This cream is super moisturizing, but it leaves my skin looking matte in the morning, not shiny."






In The Bag! “I’ve been going to facialist Dayle Breault once a month for eight years. I can’t step on a plane without her Synergy Mist. The aroma is calming and uplifting.


For about 15 + years I have religiously been going to see Dayle Breault, the famous “Goddess of Skin “ for my facials. (I say facials, but it’s so much more then just that.) Her treatments are a whole facial experience like nothing you have ever had before!!!

Alice + Olivia’s founder Stacey Bendet’s New York includes the Goddess of Skin: “She is the skin goddess!…Dayle is good at identifying what each person does for her face


Block Your Breakouts! To prevent pimples from forming, slather on this mask once a week from Dayle Breault, owner of the Goddess of Skin salon in Los Angeles: Mix 1 tablespoon of unflavored yogurt that contains live cultures…


Long known for having healing properties, silver can help kill the bacteria that cause acne breakouts and promote growth of new skin, which helps your skin look younger. The Silver Ion Mask, currently available only at a few places such as the Goddess of Skin in Los Angeles.

Firm up skin with oxygen… Alicia Keys loves the Salon 02 Oxygen Treatment at L.A.’s Goddess of skin


Tired, overworked and slightly late for my appointment, I entered a softly lit room where Dayle Breault, the owner of Goddess of Skin, invited me to take a deep breath, relax, and lay down on a heated table. We chatted a little and discovered.

For facials, I go to The Goddess of Skin; she actually has a huge clientele of yoga teachers in New York and L.A. Not only is my skin being pampered and healed when I lie on her table, but I also walk out of that room feeling like a million dollars. I’m going to be buried with her Bonafide Scrub.


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Sara, whose only makeup is a slick of Julie Hewett Annette lipstick, said she used Goddess of Skin’s truthful serum and synergy mist to keep her skin looking dewy.