Hydrating from the Inside Out

I’ve been called misty-eyed many times in my life …but not because I’m emotional (well, I am sometimes) but because I’m constantly spritzing my face and my clients’ faces with a Mist to keep skin hydrated.

Skin hydration is at the top of my list of important “to do’s” when it comes to keeping the skin healthy. But hydration begins on the inside.

The body functions with water and in order to do everything we need to do, we need water. Water also helps eliminate the impurities “waste” from our bodies and if we don’t eliminate then our skin is impacted because these impurities are going to come out via the skin. The skin being the bodies largest organ for detoxification.

If we don’t keep skin hydrated then it breaks down and opens itself up to issues that could further degrade the integrity of the skin and increase the possibilities of eczema forming.

What are the best ways to keep skin hydrated? 
I drink two liters of water a day and it makes a difference because I’m flushing my system. Hydrating the skin with a blend of oil and water emulsion also helps to seal in the moisture.

I use my “Rum Cake” analogy since I baked this as a child. When making a “rum cake”, you start out with the sponge cake which is like the skin, then you fill it with the rum, or Mist, and then top it all off with the “frosting” or crème or sunscreen. Like the cake, this seals all the yummy Mist moisture inside.

There are so many water choices on the market so whether you’re swigging from the latest S’well bottle or inspired by the oh so creative pH balanced LIFEWTR make sure you are drinking what you need on a daily basis (reminder, I drink at least two liters) and enjoy a morning, noon, and night, spritz of our Synergy Mist.

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