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Treatments are available in New York and Los Angeles

Contact Dayle for an appointment: 424-228-5117 || dayle@goddessofskin.com


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Having traveled to major cities around the world to work with her celebrity clients, the “Goddess” has touched faces with global skin issues. From an Oasis in Egypt to the fashion capital of Paris, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Los Angeles, Dayle has been privy to a plethora of different skin conditions. It is this wealth of experience over the last 26 years that she shares in her treatments, allowing everyone she touches to achieve the “glow” she herself is so well known for.

Christened “Goddess of Skin” by her clients, Dayle has invented not just a facial, but a treatment like no other in her field. The Goddess of Skin is a place where cutting-edge technology meets spiritual rejuvenation. It is a place that touches the senses and creates a soothing calm that draws each client into a peaceful relaxed state as soon as they lay on her table.

Dayle Breault’s unique mind, body, and soul approach to skincare draws on the philosophy that true beauty radiates from the inside out. Thus, when we enhance the outward appearance as well as address specific internal issues, we can truly light the “inner fire”. The latest result oriented technology methods, combined with custom designed Holistic treatments, are what set her apart from the usual “spa facials”.

Whether in her sanctuary in Los Angeles, or her studio in New York City, celebrities in the know as well as her legions of devoted followers flock to see Dayle Breault, and now with the introduction of her eponymous skin care line, you too can achieve the “Goddess Glow” in your own home!!!!

Dayle Breault/Goddess of Skin’s line of individually formulated and hand-crafted creams, mists, serums, scrubs and cleansers have long been a cult favorite of her celeb clients. All of her clients have had a part in the creating and formulating of her line, bringing a personal and coveted aspect to each and every product. Each of her products are free from any harmful chemicals to either you or the enviroment. Created with Certified Organic Oils, Hydrosols, Essential Oils and Butters, however containing sought after cosmeceuticals found in the pages of magazines such as Allure and Voque. You can rest assured that these products are free of sulphates, phtalates, parabens, fragrances, animal testing, GMO’s, and are all made in the U.S.A. Dayle Breault/Goddess of Skin also donated $1.08 from every bottle sold to The Tibet Humanatarian Project, to bring fresh running water and sanitation to over 3000 monks and nuns in Eastern Tibet.

Her clients all agree, “As long as you see the Goddess, your skin will never age!”