It’s Time to Get Misty – Synergy Mist

Are you consistently dry? No matter what you try, heavy cremes, face oils, serums with Hyaluronic? If you’re a client of mine, you know I’m an enthusiastic advocate for misting the skin and using natural skin care products like my Synergy Mist.

When our skin is dry, often times we are lacking water in our skin, not oils. This will alleviate any breakout situations from applying too many rich products.

My regimen includes misting not just once, but many times, at least 4-5 times, maybe more. Try working the mist into your regimen, layering it over your serum or just under your moisturizer, applying your creme while the skin is very damp. This will create a environment of hydration that you may have never ever experienced.
Personally, I love to massage my creme into my mist when my face is soaking wet. Massaging and massaging, circles around my eyes(always going towards the nose in a figure eight), lifting up my cheek and neck and not forgetting my forehead. Massage is another factor which benefits the skin but we will leave that for another post.
Directions: I use the analogy of a Rum Cake to my patients. The skin being the “angel food or sponge cake” the mist and serum being the “rum” which creates the hydration inside the cake, and your creme being the “icing or frosting” that seals all the yummy moisture inside.
TRY IT!!! you will not be disappointed and will actually find your skin stays hydrated all day or night. And YOU will GLOW!